My logo, isn't is pretty?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my site! Here you will be able to see all of my creative endeavors past present and future.

A little bit about myself and the site itself: in the past I have had a hodge podge of various sites where I kept different projects and sites. I never had one home for all of my projects in one place to use as a portfolio. Using the blog format I can keep things updated in a more “Real Time” fashion. This site is going to be an ever growing, ever changing place to put my work and ideas on display.

So why “Creative”? I have been raised with the belief that to be diverse is to be successful. My father calls it “wearing many hats”. In the design world knowing many disciplines and not focusing on one is a double edge sword; some people see it as lacking focus while others see it as being a well rounded asset. I like to see everything as a way to learn and to express my ideas. As I work and grow the work changes and grows with me. I love new challenges and looking for new and unique ways to get the thoughts out of my head and into the world. Besides, JennLaneDesign.com was already taken.. 😉

Some of the formats I work with:

  • Photography: both traditional and digital as well as editing, retouching and rendering
  • Illustration: both traditional (primary colored pencil and watercolor) as well as digital.
  • Mixed media: sculpture, art journaling, jewlery making, crafting.

As in life, this is also a place to develop and learn new techniques and experiment. This will be a great way to document the growth of an idea and concept and to use it to learn and grow with the ideas. I want to use this place to show my creative thought process and the trial and error that comes with it.

I plan on filling this site with many wonderful projects so please keep coming back!



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